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is there anyone in the re-animator fandom here that upsets you> which users would you recommend i talk


Ah!!!  Friend!!  Welcome!!!

Uh, the first question is… awkward and I don’t think?? so??  Most of the Reanimates/Jeffreaks/Herblogs/whatever they wanna be called are pretty cool people!  But I can see that it’s a bit hard to find people to talk to!

Now, this list is by NO MEANS comprehensive, and actually you’d be better off taking it as a stepping stone to finding other blogs.  Hopefully none of my pals will be offended if they find themselves missing from the post!

To start off, there’s the “first generation”.  Some of these guys aren’t actively blogging about Re-Animator right now but they still love it and love to talk about it!

herbert-best, ihatekarlurban, herbiewest, thepocketmerlin, herbertwest, catatonicfrommiskatonic, groovy-bastard, duamuteffe, sixfigs, weirdsciencewithwonks, fangirlasplosian, ghostfroggievortaeyecandy, murasaki-ahiru, belialjones, whereyoureyesdontgo, davidbyrnindownthehouse, klaatu-berata-necktie, steamed-flowers, fandomsthatkandiceloves, john-noble-paradise (oldworldbloom), arewenotwomenwearediva, WHOA that’s a lot

Then there’s the “second generation”, I don’t know these guys as well but they’re super active and post a lot of Jeff:

mireatheon, titanium-starfish, sciencefucker, cryingalonewithfrankenstein, sadinaboat, propheticfire, officialdancain, delcat

There are also some fun fyeah blogs and other blogs to follow:

fyeahreanimator, fuckyeahjeffreycombs, screengrabassinfromthecatacombs, textsfrommiskatonicuniversity

Finally, roleplay blogs!  If that’s your thing!

askdancain, catatonicfrommiskatonic, thespectreofdeath, reanarrator, spectraljellyfish, agentmiltondammers

These links are just suggestions and will probably lead you to even more people!!  But I hope they help!

Thank you for mentioning me! Yes, I am ALWAYS down to discuss Re-Animator and Jeffrey Combs. People are cool. :)

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I honestly do TRY not to let it ruin my day when I see posts on here where hateful, idiotic people disguise themselves as the opposite and make snarky, generalized blanket statements about “small town populations” when it’s obvious that none of the people writing or responding to the posts have ever even been to a small town. But it bothers me a lot. So I just click Unfollow and try to move on to other things. it’s unfortunate to say the least.

Just for the record, racists and homophobes are everywhere. It’s terrible and it sucks. Good people are also everywhere. My family and all the friends that I grew up with fall into the “good people” category. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.